Bumperdo is a free to use task manager that helps you get stuff done.
Stop fretting over deadlines. Stop using your inbox as your tasks list. Stop forgetting what's most important to you. Stop having forgotten what you did all day as soon as you finish the day.
Start using Bumperdo today.
Some of the reasons you should start using Bumperdo
Use it for everything
Get it all out of your head. Work projects, personal todo's, movies and series to watch - write it down, never forget, and put your mind at ease.
Fits your workflow
Create boards for your projects, or use tags to group tasks together. Seriously fast filtering. Use shortcuts to quickly add and filter tasks.
Repeatable deadlines
Not all tasks are created equal - some just need to be done by a specific time - enter deadlines. Set tasks to repeat every day, week, or month.
Everywhere on the web
Bumperdo is a web app and can be accessed anywhere. No mobile app, but just pin the web app to your homescreen and it will work great on mobile.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who built Bumperdo?
Hi! I'm Roy Ahuis, the creator of Bumperdo. I work at Dutch retailer Coolblue in a marketing role, but have, since age 12, created websites and applications. I'm a notorious procrastinator, and as such, Bumperdo is basically a way to scratch my own itch.
Why is Bumperdo free?

Bumperdo started as a way to sort out my own life. Over the past three years, it developed from a simple list-based todo-application to something more substantive used by many of my colleagues. There are, right now, about 50 people using Bumperdo on a daily basis. This means running costs are extremely low.

Bumperdo is mostly a project I use to learn more about server maintenance and front- and backend development. I strive to create software that helps you get stuff done, but as Bumperdo is a learning project, it is also subject to change - things will improve over time.

This does not mean I don't value security and stability. In the past 12 months, Bumper has been down for only three hours (0.04% downtime). Bumperdo is hosted on an SSL-secured serverm and backups are created on a daily basis.

I still have questions.
Feel free to mail to roy@ahu.is. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.