Paving the way for a better Bumperdo

23rd Oct, 2018 - Permanent link

Bumperdo has, in terms of features and appearance, remained relatively unchanged over the past three years. Stability, reliability, and ease of use has always been my main focus in working on Bumperdo, and a small but loyal group of users keeps me motivated to maintain this dependability. However - I increasingly found myself wanting for certain improvements during my own use of Bumperdo. An example is that mobile users are now served by a very barebones version of the web app. Though realistically I won't be able to, on my own, build and maintain actual mobile apps, there is a middle ground where I massively improve the mobile capabilities of the web version. There are other parts of the app that are in the 'technical debt' territory. The login functionality is still built around email/password combinations, with login-with-google-functionality bolted on top - even though 100% of active users logs in by email. So, I'm changing stuff around. Over the past week Bumperdo moved servers. Small change, not noticeable for users, but it will help me move Bumperdo forward. Also, I removed the boardsharing functionality. It was not actively used, and removing it helped me in another important way: as everyone logs in with Google, I don't need to store personal details anymore. Instead, only the anonymized user ID is stored, and at the time of login, your personal information is loaded on login, stored in session, and the information is destroyed on logout. This, of course, greatly improves the privacy of Bumperdo's users, but would also make sharing by email address more difficult. In the future I may reintroduce this feature using a different method, but for now, I will focus on other improvements. Over the next few weeks I will gradually introduce changes that affect the interface as well, focused on improving the mobile experience, faster task creation and management, and better snooze- and deadline-tooling.

Planned maintenance - 14 october (10.00-14.00)

10th Oct, 2018 - Permanent link

Next sunday, the Bumperdo server will undergo planned maintenance. I will switch to a newer long-term support version of the operating system it runs on. This will clear the way for me to roll out some much-needed and much-awaited updates to the app. I will try to make the update time as short as possible so as to prevent too much hinder, but I apologize in advance for the inconvenience this causes. **Update 14-10-2018: the switch to a newer setup was successful and all systems are operational again**.

Better mobile website, moving tasks

30th Dec, 2015 - Permanent link

Todays version of Bumperdo fixes the mobile website, and adds support for moving tasks between boards. Also, there is support for quickly adding tasks in a column. On the technical side, adding and editing tasks is now done without reloading the page, which increases the speed with which you can manage tasks by a lot.

Big updates

10th Nov, 2015 - Permanent link

I just released a large update to Bumperdo. It has been in the works for quite some time, and brings a couple of new features that were lacking, such as allowing you to change your profile and password, upload an avatar, there is a more useful start page where deadlined tasks are already shown, and there is a new (basic) activity page. This update lays the groundwork for more extensive updates in the future: I was running into some walls regarding legacy code etcetera. It might, due to the large amount of changes, very well be that some things are broken. Let me know at and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Thanks for using Bumperdo!

New feature: remember me support

28th Sep, 2015 - Permanent link

I often get the question 'hey, I have to login again, why?'. Currently the system will keep you logged in for 8 hours, which is quite long, but logs you out after that. On for example iOS you are logged out every time you switch from the app in web app mode to another app and back. Time for a fix, and that fix arrived today: remember me on this device. Enable it to stay logged in for 30 days (until manual logout). Of course, this is still a tradeoff from a security perspective. That's why on mobile platforms the checkmark for remember me will be on, and on desktop off automatically. Of course you can manually change this. Why the difference? Because mobile phones are much more likely to be personal devices than desktop PC's/laptops, and are often more secure (touchid, pincodes, patterns etc). Also, the problem of logging in every time you open the app is more persistent and irritating on mobile. For implementing the remember me functionality the workflow of [this article]( It helped me a lot, and is a good read.