Small UI/stability changes

23rd Sep, 2015 - Permanent link

Bumperdo looks a bit different today. In the past few weeks large parts of bumperdo have been rewritten to be more stable and to allow for easier expansion in the future. There are no real features yet - I will start working on google calendar integration now - but this was a necessary step.

Dragging across boards, ui optimization, finished tasks, mobile improvements

10th Jul, 2015 - Permanent link

Last update made me lose a lot of sleep - never publish changes on thursday night. So here we are, again, on a thursday night, and again there are some changes! **Dragging across boards** Yes! You can finally drag a task to another board - just hover it over a board in the left panel and the columns will fold out. Also, when you just drop it on the board name itself it will be transferred to that boards primary column. Good news all around. ![ssl.png](/content/drag.png) **Adding tasks / editing tasks** Adding/editing as well as share settings used to load in a right-aligned panel. Didn't really work all that well, was quite horrid to look at, and I just wanted to change it so badly. So I did and now it's a modal popup thingy. ![ssl.png](/content/addtask.png) **UI optimization** I had to decrease the size of the droppable area for finishing tasks (see screenshot in the top of this changelog) because else you wouldn't be able to drop a task in another board. Let me know if this doesn't work out for you ( because I understand the drop area is a bit smaller now. Also I did some other stuff that you'll see when logging in again. A rather small thing is that tasks don't rotate 15 degrees anymore on dragging. This is done because this introduced some unexpected behaviour where tasks would stay slightly rotated even after dropping them again. **Finished tasks** There is a new page (listed top left) where you are able to see the last 7 days worth of finished tasks. This is the first version - I'm actually planning to do a lot more with accountability/tracking stuff. Think pomodoro, think focus mode, think better dashboards with finish stats. **Mobile** Did you know you can add bumperdo on your homescreen? On android and ios it will try to act somewhat as a mobile app, which works quite well with swiping and stuff. iOS screenshots below but android is about the same. To add bumperdo to your homescreen, log in to bumper in safari (ios) or chrome (android) and use the 'add to homescreen'-button. ![ssl.png](/content/mobile.png)

UI changes, sharing boards, added security

5th May, 2015 - Permanent link

This night, an update to bumperdo was launched that includes several new changes. **UI changes** As can be seen when logging in, and after logging in, some changes have been made to the UI. This has been done to increase clarity and readability, as well as better serve our mobile users (friendly reminder, especially on Android phones adding bumperdo to your startscreen gives you an app-like user experience). For example, the slideout effect on adding a task never really worked all that well on mobile, and the panel that comes up from the right works better. **Added security** Not only the appearance of the login-screen has changed, some *under-the-hood* security improvements were made as well. A major problem was that the SSL-connection was not always properly established on mobile phones (android mostly). This has now been fixed. **Sharing boards** Sort of a biggie. Sometimes, you want to show progress to someone. It's now possible to make boards 'public', which means that via a special URL they are publicly visible. Be aware though, that this means that anyone with the URL can see your board. Therefore, sharing has to be activated on a per-board basis and is turned off by default. ![ssl.png](/content/sharing.png) **Squash them bugs** There were some bugs that have been fixed. An example is that there was a problem with reordering columns - the problem being that it just didn't work. This has been fixed. Also, the possibility to select a different target column than default wasn't working properly and now it is.

SSL-certificate implemented

25th Mar, 2015 - Permanent link

All traffic to is now secured via SSL. This means that the connection is a lot safer than it was, and it also means there is a nice green lock-icon in the URL-bar: ![ssl.png](/content/ssl.png)

Weekend-update: shortkeys, deadlines, and more

21st Mar, 2015 - Permanent link

###Better shortkeys Shortkeys now work way better. You can still add a new task by hitting *n* and cancel it by hitting *esc*. Actually adding the task now only takes a *control+enter*. Also, you can open the searchbar/filterbar by hitting *s*. ###Deadlines Support for decent deadlines has been greatly improved. First, there is keyboard support for picking predefined dates. Second, deadlines are highlighted way better. Third, there is a new page called 'Upcoming deadlines' that shows all tasks due till next week. ###Interface improvements There were some complaints about clarity, and some interface things like unclickable links. We heard you, and fixed a lot of them. An example: it's now possible to add multiple columns at once, and the menu for doing so has been improved: ![columns.png](/content/columns.png) ###Reorder boards Yes. Just hover over a board name in the board list on the left, and a reorder-button will appear. Click, drag, reorder, enjoy. ![order.png](/content/order.png) ###Password recovery Quite useful. Forgot your password? The login form now has the possibility to mail yourself a reset link. ###New user support A lot of useful guidance has been added for new users. Bumperdo can be a bit daunting at first - now it's clearer what you have to do as a new user. ###Better updates Bumperdo should update a bit more gracefully now. Sometimes after an update bumperdo would behave in an unexpected way because there were still bits of code *cached* on your computer. Now, there is automated versioning - a fancy term for 'loading new stuff when there is new stuff'. Also, a message is shown after logging in that alerts you to new updates. Closing it will hide it. ###A slightly changed logo Bumperdo was called bumper until four minutes ago. Because it doesn't make sense to have an app called bumper on a domain name called, and because is probably super-expensive, bumper is now known as bumperdo. It's not quite as catchy, but it still works. Bumperdo. Bumperdo. Bumperdo. ![logo.png](/content/logo.png)