You expect your data to be safe and secure. I understand this. Therefore, I do my utmost best to keep it that way. Take into account, though, that Bumperdo is maintained by one person, and is not a commercial product. Using it is free, but this also means that parts of the app may change, and that I can not offer you the enterprise level security that paid apps may offer. Check our Terms of service for more information.

Secure connections

All communication with the web app is encrypted using SSL using 128-bit AES / TLS 1.2 / ECDHE_RSA.


All passwords are hashed. More information about the process and tools used can be found in this article.


Bumperdo has, for the last year, been down only for maintenance. Due to the relatively small scale of the app it is powered by one server, and that server may have to be rebooted every once in a while. The total downtime over the last 365 days has been a little under 8 hours. This is not great - most of it comes from a long outage near the launch, I will do better now - which means that the uptime is 99,909%.


Backups are done every 6 hours. They are stored offsite in multiple locations, the backup files are encrypted, and the backup files are not in a location that is available over http (secure sftp server). In the case of downtime or problems, the period it takes until bumperdo is available again depends on DNS propagation: setting up a new server with a backup is a matter of minutes, not hours.


In the end, all your data is stored somewhere, and in order to allow you to access your tasks, those tasks should be available somewhere. This means that, in order to be able to run Bumperdo, someone will have access to your data, but will only do so when it's necessary for technical reasons.